Connect The Two

Philosophically I see software as two halves: the User and the Data. Software’s end goal is to serve the User, and the Data is what they want. Generally if you remove either the Data or User, then the software ceases to be useful. If you have ideas or thoughts to the contrary, I’d love to hear from you.

Purposeful software relies-on, uses and generates data. The user really is the important part, but software can’t do anything interesting without data. A search tool enables you to find data. Email enables you to send electronic mail. Wikis, blogs and websites all publish/share data. Basically, most anything interesting is data. Even computer games have large amounts of data, with a game engine presenting that data in an user-interactive way.

The user is also critical. Without users, there’s no real need for data. Good technology and software both do what the user needs. No matter what, it’s really all about the user.

To be realistic, there are many other things involved with quality software, but these other things should not be driving the boat. Too often I see software makers focusing on aspects that literally stand between the User and the Data (add roadblocks)

Dataland is what I think software and technology are really about: The User, the Data, and how best to connect the two.  Its where we live.


About dataland

Like many others, I'd like to improve the world but I'm currently caught up in day-to-day work. In the meantime, I'm a software developer who is very much focused on the end user.
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