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Microsoft Emacs.Net

A recent post at meta-doublasp hints at something Microsoft may have in the works: Emacs.Net. For many UNIX and Linux folks, emacs is probably old hat. Otherwise, here’s a quick overview. Emacs is a popular UNIX text editor, often used … Continue reading

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Aptera Update + Video

The folks over at Popular Mechanics were able to finagle an exclusive test drive and interview of the upcoming Aptera Typ-1. For those uninitiated, the Aptera Typ-1 is an all-electric plug in vehicle coming to market in 2009 for under … Continue reading

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Firefox 3 Beta 2 Released

If you’re a developer or person who grabs the latest betas… then heads up: Firefox 3 Beta 2 has just been released. This release is slated to be more secure, easier to use, more personal (improved UI), an improved platform … Continue reading

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150 MPG Toyota Prius

Since I’ve been writing a rash of car-related posts (Aptera‚Äôs 300 Mpg Car, Future Of Cars) this entry seems like a good continuation. In the first quarter of 2008, A123 Systems and Hymotion plan to market a $9500 USD add-on … Continue reading

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Google Gets Ready to Rumble With Microsoft

The New York Times just posted a good story describing the upcoming fight between Google and Microsoft. I personally find the differences between these two monoliths very fascinating. Times are definitely heating up as Google continually grows its internet presence, … Continue reading

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Aptera’s Sub-$30K, 300 Mpg Car Will Be Here In 2009

This is a brief update to a post I made a while back (The Future Of Cars) Aptera has released an update on it’s upcoming 300 Mpg car. This car really approaches transportation from a very different vantage than does … Continue reading

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Developing High Transaction Database Systems

Paul Nielsen has written an informative post that chronicles lessons learned from developing a high transaction (35K tps) database system. Here are some topics that he touched, which I’ve always advocated: 1) Use your database as a database. Too often, … Continue reading

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