Aptera’s Sub-$30K, 300 Mpg Car Will Be Here In 2009

This is a brief update to a post I made a while back (The Future Of Cars)

Aptera has released an update on it’s upcoming 300 Mpg car. This car really approaches transportation from a very different vantage than does the rest of the auto industry. This car is slated to sell for $30,000 USD, and offers room for two. Here is a brief overview:

” Carlsbad (CA) – Today, a California car maker named Aptera Motors officially took the wraps off of two new car models which offer crazy fuel economy. The first model will arrive in Q4 2008 as an all-electric vehicle with a maximum range of 120 miles priced below $30,000. A true fuel-electric hybrid model will follow in 2009. Early tests indicate the hybrid model achieves 300 miles per gallon, making an affordable gas sipper within budget for many American families.

Designed to be as aerodynamic as possible for two-person occupancy, the radical new shell design looks more like something out of Blade Runner than a traditional automobile. The “Typ-1″ (sic) uses light-weight composite material for its construction, while maintaining the “two plus one” seating configuration, allowing for a child up to age 3 to be placed in the middle behind the two primary occupants. Additional cargo storage area allows for up to 15 bags of groceries, two bags of golf clubs, or even two seven foot surfboards (if the child’s seat is removed). “

If you are interested, check out Aptera’s update.

Here is a YouTube on the Aptera.

Here is the official site for Aptera.

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3 Responses to Aptera’s Sub-$30K, 300 Mpg Car Will Be Here In 2009

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  3. Jimmy says:

    I think they need to build a 4 wheel vehicle.
    Most 3 wheeler never last long on our freeway system or stay in production for too long in history. A Los Angeles mini cooper driver can tell you how bumpy the freeways are today with a clearance of 6 inches off the ground.

    I idea is great but start building a go-cart and build a body on it.

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