Vista Usability (Drivers) II

A class action lawsuit is currently ongoing against Microsoft regarding Vista. This lawsuit addresses user experiences with Vista, and how Microsoft misled consumers with cleaver/dishonest marketing.

Here’s where it gets interesting: Bundles of internal Microsoft email have been released to the public, and going by their content: Microsoft executives were aware of Vista problems, dismayed by marketing spin, and upset with: compatibility, drivers, performance, and the final product.

I’ve read through some of this email, and I saw surprisingly negative statements by Microsoft leaders on their Vista experiences. They were confused why Vista didn’t work better (as was/am I), and vocally critical of it. It makes me wonder how these prominent leaders ended up with the product they did. It makes me wonder: Is anyone driving the bus?

A better summary then I could write: The New York Times: They Criticized Vista. And They Should Know

If you want to read the emails, check ’em out:

Part 1 of my Vista Usability (Drivers) post


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