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Like many others, I'd like to improve the world but I'm currently caught up in day-to-day work. In the meantime, I'm a software developer who is very much focused on the end user.

Windows 10 (preview 9926) Start Menu

After downloading the latest preview build of Windows 10, here are my thoughts on the new Start Menu. (Full disclosure: I’m purely a Windows Desktop user. I tried a few times but never felt productive + empowered within the Windows 8/8.1 Desktop, so.. … Continue reading

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Best Video I’ve Seen Today Will Make You Smile

Just a short post – it’s nice to see the internet used for something good, and not purely for financial gain:  Best Video I’ve Seen Today Will Make You Smile  For more, check out 🙂

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Online Missteps and Leadership Tunnel-Vision

While some may consider my last few Microsoft posts as overtly negative, or even as Microsoft-bashing.  That’s not really my intent.  As a disclaimer, the same goes for this post: also not intended as a Microsoft-bash.  Microsoft is a very … Continue reading

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Microsoft splits Platform and Services unit in two

Microsoft is still having one heck of a time grabbing a toe-hold in the internet market.  A new Mary-Jo Foley post chronicles this latest step by Microsoft: Splitting the Platform and Services unit in two.  In my opinion, this is a … Continue reading

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Windows QuickLaunch Hidden Feature

A useful time-saving feature is hidden in the Windows  taskbar. Use your keyboard to launch a shortcut on your Vista QuickLaunch Toolbar: press the Windows key plus that item’s number.  For example, when I press Windows key + 3: Firefox launches

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Windows 7, Coming Soon?

For those looking for what’s next after Vista, Windows 7 may arrive sooner than you think. Bill Gates recently spoke at Inter-American Development Bank, which is the main source of multilateral financing for economic, social and institutional development in Latin … Continue reading

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Steve Ballmer Defects to Google

In a highly surprising turn of events, Steve Ballmer appears to have returned from his sabbatical and promptly tendered his resignation, effective immediately. Suffice to say, this behavior is quite startling given Ballmer’s long tenure with Microsoft (since 1980), and … Continue reading

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