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Performance Reset

You may have seen news articles and blogs on Vista SP1 performance (or lack of). What people are upset about (myself included), is Microsoft officially says that Vista SP1 brings performance increases. One problem: people can’t find these performance increases. … Continue reading

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Operating System Of The Future (Vista)

I guess this is as good a time as any to voice some gripes I have with Microsoft’s latest and greatest desktop Operating System. Granted, it’s pretty common (even expected) for Microsoft’s newest OS to take some heat. So before … Continue reading

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Design And Marketing (Microsoft And Apple)

I’m not a marketing person, but I appreciate the significance of packaging and design. For example, I think packaging should represent what’s inside. When I look at an Apple product’s package, I see something described as “minimal yet beautiful”. Perhaps … Continue reading

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The Future Of Cars

This post is off my normal topics, but something I find important. We’ve all seen gas prices climb around $3 USD per gallon of gasoline. Also seen conflict in the Middle East and elsewhere. While there’s some connection between current … Continue reading

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The Future Of Storage

Many computer users know that their computer’s data is stored on a mechanical hard drive (aka: HDD, hard disk, or fixed disk drive). What many people don’t realize is just how old the technology is: rotating platter(s) being accessed by … Continue reading

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SQL Server 2008 November CTP

The SQL Server team has shipped the November CTP for SQL Server 2008. Of all the upcoming Microsoft releases (Visual Studio, Vista SP1, Longhorn, etc) I am most interested in this one. I think the SQL Server team does a … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 Released

Oy! So Microsoft has finally shipped Visual Studio 2008: ScottGu’s Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Release Announcement When time permits, I really am looking forward to trying it out! Hopefully Visual C++ native performance will be where it needs to … Continue reading

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